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Unleash Joy: Tesco Community Grants for Vibrant Play Areas

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Exciting news for schools, community organizations, and health bodies—Tesco Community Grants is here to bring your dream play areas to life! Since its inception in 2016, this impactful scheme has provided over £100 million in grants to support more than 50,000 community groups nationwide.

Eligibility Criteria:

Tesco Community Grants welcome applications from a diverse range of entities:

  • Schools
  • Voluntary or community organizations
  • Registered charities/companies
  • Health bodies (e.g., CCGs, NHS Trusts)
  • Parish/Town Councils
  • Local authorities
  • Social housing providers

How It Works:

Charities and community organizations can apply for grants of up to £1,500. Every three months, three local causes are chosen for the blue token customer vote in Tesco stores across the UK. This unique voting system allows the community to have a direct impact on funding decisions.

Application Process:

Ready to bring more color and joy to your play area? Follow these simple steps to apply for a Tesco Community Grant: Apply for a Grant

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